Ninja : Note Muat turun dari scribd tanpa akaun / login

1. Using Firefox, install the addons:

User Agent Switcher
Greasemonkey add-on --

2. Restart Firefox

3. Find document on scribd site.

4. Note document’s ID

ID = 44025189
ID = 26600291

5. Go to the mobile version of the scribd site, specifically go to with the document ID appended.


6. From the Tools menu (Press ALT if Firefox menubar not visible) click ‘Default User Agent’ and select ‘iPhone 3.0′.

Now Firefox will appear to sites as if it is running on an iPhone.
Note: Change back, via Tools menu select ‘iPhone 3.0′ and then select ‘Default User Agent’ option.

7. Press Ctrl+Shift+C to open Firebug HTML inspect mode and hover over the download button for a short time until a section of code appears in the Firebug window (normally at bottom).

8. Right-click the download button to set the inspection point, else if you move the mouse to the lower screen it will pass over and inspect HTML other than the download button.

9. In the Firebug window look for the preceding form tag and click on the value ‘post’ of the method attribute, make sure the value ‘post’ is now in a little edit box; delete post and enter ‘get’.

(This is shown clearly in a screen shot at the beginning of this page.)

Eg. The 2nd line is the code for the download button
Changed to:

10. Now click the download button and the file will be downloaded.
In the example used, the file was saved as “uCiyFrdC353hg_kiC1feAx2uhhg”, use a hex editor or file identification utility (eg. File Investigator 1.50, originally by Robware, a freeware version can be downloaded from to determine file type and then rename the document with the correct file extension.

I renamed uCiyFrdC353hg_kiC1feAx2uhhg to Shadowrun_14_Nosferatu.pdf

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