Tutorial : Code Access BIOS

Computer Vendor BIOS Codes

AMI/Award: press [Delete] during boot 
  AST Advantage,some Award, Tandon: press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Esc] during boot
  Toshiba: press [Esc]during boot
  Toshiba, Phoenix, Late model PS/1 Value Point & 330: press [F1] during boot
  Compaq: press [F10] When blinking cursor jumps to top right corner of screen

  Some Compaq: press [F10] when logo screen is displayed
NEC: press [F2] during boot 
  IBM PS/2: with reference partition-[Insert] during boot

Some IBM PS/2: Need reference disk and ADF disk for setup 
  Some PS/2: press [Ctrl]+[Ins] when pointer at top right of screen 
  Emachine: press [Tab] during boot
  Dell: press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Enter] during boot
  Dell Dimension L566cx system: press [Del] is the key to get into setup.

  some Dells: reset button twice (I suppose this means power reset button)
  Misc computers: press [Ctrl]+[Alt] during boot
  Some Misc computers: press [Ctrl]+[Esc] during boot
  Zenith, Phoenix: press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Ins] during boot

Phoenix: press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[S] during boot 
  Phoenix: press [Ctrl]+[S] during boot
  Olivetti PC Pro: press [Ctrl]+[Alt]+[Shift]+ Num Pad [Del] during boot

Tandon 386: press [Ctrl]+[Shift]+[Esc] 
  HP: press [F2]
  Gateway systems using Phoenix BIOS: press [F1]
  Sony Vaio 320 series: press [F2] during boot.
  IBM thinkpad: press [F1]

Every computer manufacturer wants to customize the BIOS to work with the hardware and software that they provide in the system. They usually generalize the keyboard commands as well to provide faster telecommute based customer support. These are the most common codes that the following vendors use:

Acer - “F1″, “F2″ or “Ctrl+Alt+Esc”

ARI - “Ctrl+Alt+Esc” or “Ctrl+Alt+Del”

AST - “Ctrl+Alt+Esc” or “Ctrl+Alt+Del”

Compaq - “F10″

CompUSA - “Del”

Cybermax - “Esc”

Dell - “F1″, “F2″, “F3″, “F10″, “F12″, “Del” or “Fn+F1″ on laptops.

eMachines - “Del” or “F2″

Gateway - “F1″ or “F2″

Hewlett-Packard (HP) – “F1″, “F2″ or “Esc”

IBM - “F1″, “Ctrl+Alt+Ins” or “Ctrl+Alt+Del”

Intel - “Del”

Lenovo – “F1″, “F2″, “Ctrl+Alt+F3″, or “Ctrl+Alt+Ins”

Micron – “F1″, “F2″ or “Del”

Packard Bell – “F1″, “F2″ or “Del”

Seanix – “Del”

Sony – “F2″, “F3″ or “Del”

Toshiba – “F1″, “F2″ or “Esc”

Note: Some BIOS setups are password protected. An administrator usually places a password on the system to restrict access to the BIOS through the default BIOS setup screen. The user must contact the administrator in order to access the password.

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